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Our Plan

Take a look at the game plan to see how you can support the cause along the way:

Step 1:

Build a Coalition

Create outreach materials to educate the public about the proposed name change, organize local meetings and events to engage the community, and gather support from community leaders and organizations.

Step 2:

Present the Petition to the City Council

Submit the petition to the city council, attend city council meetings to present the proposal, and answer any questions or concerns from council members.

Step 3:

City Council Approval

Work with the city council as they create a resolution or ordinance to formally propose the name change and potentially involve other local government bodies or conduct a public hearing to gather additional community feedback.

Step 4:

Public Hearing and Community Feedback

Attend the public hearing to present the proposal, address any concerns from the community, and use the feedback to make necessary adjustments to the proposal.

Step 5:

City Council Vote

The city council will vote on the resolution or ordinance to change the city's name. If it passes, the name change process will continue to the next step.

Step 6:

Coordination with State Authorities

Coordinate with the Commonwealth of Virginia to officially change the city's name by submitting documentation and completing any necessary legal paperwork.

Step 7:


Notify various federal and state agencies. Update city signage, maps, documents, and online resources to reflect the new name, and coordinate with local businesses and organizations to update their materials and references to the city.

Step 8:


Host a city-wide event to celebrate the name change, promote the new identity of Little Falls, Virginia, and continue to engage with the community to foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all residents.

Volunteer in the Little Falls Movement

Find out how you can volunteer at each step in the plan by exploring the steps above.

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of any movement. By volunteering, you can help make a real impact on our community, contribute your unique skills and talents, and meet like-minded individuals. The Little Falls Movement offers various ways to get involved, such as assisting with outreach, organizing events, promoting the cause on social media, and more.

If you'd like to get involved but aren't sure where to start, let us know and we'll help plug you in:

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Volunteer Roles

If you are a local resident willing to volunteer your talents, our movement is looking for more support:

  • Press Officer: Responsible for managing media relations and promoting our cause to the public. I'm interested 📧»
  • Social Media Director: Oversees our social media presence and engages with the community online. I'm interested 📧»
  • Graphic Designer: Creates visually appealing graphics for our promotional materials and social media. I'm interested 📧»
  • Community Organizer: Organizes events, rallies, and other community activities to support our cause. I'm interested 📧»

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Little Falls Movement Map

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