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Volunteers Needed

May 29, 2023


Committee for Little Falls Milestone: New Sub-Committee Founded to Mobilize Support

Little Falls, VA - May 29, 2023 - The Committee for Little Falls is recruiting volunteers to help with the movement to change from Falls Church, Virginia to Little Falls.

We’re seeking volunteers to join the cause and help spread awareness about the initiative, both online and offline.

  • Press Officer: Responsible for managing media relations and promoting our cause to the public.
  • Social Media Director: Oversees our social media presence and engages with the community online.
  • Graphic Designer: Creates visually appealing graphics for our promotional materials and social media.
  • Community Organizer: Organizes events, rallies, and other community activities to support our cause.

To get involved, visit the Committee for Little Falls website at littlefallsva.com or contact the us directly at hello@littlefallsva.com.