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Renaming Movement Launch

May 28, 2023


Introducing the Little Falls Movement: A Community-Driven Initiative to Rename Falls Church

Little Falls, VA - May 28, 2023 - Today marks the official launch of the Little Falls Movement, a community-driven initiative spearheaded by a group of dedicated local residents. Drawing on the rich history and the need for a more inclusive identity, the Committee for Little Falls has created a petition and a comprehensive plan to engage with the community and advocate for the name change.

The proposed name change aims to distance the city from its association with a specific church and religion, creating a more inclusive environment for all residents. Little Falls emphasizes the city’s historical and geographical connections, as well as its position as the smallest city in Virginia. The initiative also seeks to acknowledge the city’s origins at the intersection of significant Native American trails, while fostering growth and development.

The Committee for Little Falls invites residents of the city and those living in the surrounding areas that share Falls Church mailing addresses to sign the petition and support the renaming initiative. The committee is committed to engaging with the community, addressing concerns, and working together towards a more inclusive future for all.